Macintosh / PC: File naming convention for sharing

Hello, today I will talk about the naming of File that we should name. To make it easy for ourselves and others. And to prevent compatibility issues between Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows, which are often encountered frequently, whether transmitted across the operating system. Or even problems that occur within the same system due to the naming of inappropriate or uncomfortable files.

This is a great way to keep track of what’s going on.

Do not use “.” Before the file name.
First of all, let’s start with the problem that is often encountered in the case of using the file sharing between OS X and Windows.
Assuming that we use a Mac and a friend, we use a PC and a friend, we sent a file to us a File, but it appears. I find that the file sent to my friends did not find much. I’m not sure what to say. This is because the file we sent was named “.” (Point). Because Mac OS X was developed from the foundation of the UNIX operating system. In the UNIX operating system, when using ” “File name will tell the operating system to hide the file is not visible to the user. (Including the Linux operating system developed by UNIX)

Caution and Solution
– The PC side should be aware of the file name. Do not use “.” Preceded to have no problem when used on the Mac
side – Mac side if the file is used. It’s not like that. There is a way to make it easy to see is to install a Widget called “Hidden Files” (can be downloaded from here.Once installed, go to “Dashboard” -> Open this Widget -> click “Show” and wait for the machine to work for a moment. . When the Finder is reopened, we will see the hidden files. The file is hidden by the operating system, but the first file and the problem that our friend sent it. The icon is gray and when we find the file we want. Edit the name by deleting the “.” That preceded the file name. And if you reach the target and feel that the hidden files are cluttered, then click on the “Hidden” on the Widget is completed here.

Try to name the file in English.
English is a language used by software developers. Of course, the software is compatible with each other very well. The problem is often that the Thai often encountered problems such as the time that the software we use to release a new version. Sometimes the problem occurs when moving files across different operating systems or different versions. It is because we are not the owners or innovators of these technologies. Foreigners, they develop everything based on his culture. The English language is also used to communicate between people of different races. Our Thai characters, which are more than ever, are so complex that they can be transformed into Audio. If we named our file to be accurate and flexible to support the first. Should be a better way.

Name the file clearly, easily understand and identify when to search or run. Do not use long names.
File naming is to identify the differences of each file, and for this reason we should organize these differences to be easily searchable or selectable. It should be named on the basis of understanding that others are able to understand easily. In case you need to send these files to others to continue as
if there are both original files and modified files are mixed. Should be named. “guitar_01-source.wav”, “guitar_02-source.wav” for the original file and “guitar_01-edited.wav”, “guitar_02-edited.wav” for the modified file, etc.,
not to name it. In that way, “guitar, you tee pressed Monday. Wav”, “you guitar, new tee wav.”If this is the case, then there are 5 files together, we named it this way, then we pick out only 2 files to keep enough time. We will start puzzling that it is OK then File is a file that is newer. The time to open the information to see what the file was created.

OS X Naming Bad File Naming Method


The file name is too long. New operating systems will not have this problem. The file is long, but the problem will fall to the user is not easy to find a file with a long name, because it will take time to read the file if it is found. For example, “guitar-rhythm-trebal-02 …- 001.aif”, we have to spend more time to look at what the full name of it is.

I just can not imagine it. I’m still new to writing articles. Anything that stretches too long or any part that needs to be down to details, or to recommend it to me. Thanks in advance 🙂…