G2M-Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter

Hello today, we will talk about devices that convert the signal to a MIDI signal called G2M (G2M-Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter)

First of all, I would like to talk about how interesting this device is. If you are a guitarist who wants to make music with plugins performances more colorful, like getting a strange sound at the time of Solo or wanting to play other sounds like the Organ sound in some parts of the live performance. Analog Efx or Multi Efx that you have cannot meet your needs. G2M-Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter can help you by converting your guitar sound into other musical instruments comfortably. m the Mark

How to use G2M is very easy, just connect your Guitar OUTPUT cable to G2M INPUT and then connect the MIDI 5 pin from G2M MIDI OUT to your Sound Module INPUT or Keyboard INPUT. You can easily select sounds from the Sound Module or from the keyboard. Finally, connect the Thru channel to your guitar amp. Only you can act as both a guitarist and a keyboard at the same time.

How to use it?

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