Maintenance of the guitar neck

Hello readers, respectfully. Today’s articles I will discuss about the guitar neck care. There are a lot of people suspected, some say “have to keep in the box” “have to loosen the line” “to hang on the wall” Bladder, which we actually do not know what is right. I would like to volunteer to leave information.

First of all, I must understand that our country is in the tropical landscape. The weather in our house is both hot and humid, and the temperature changes as well, such as daytime – night open – air conditioning, which is all about the elasticity of wood. This is a guitar neck invincible it is difficult. So the question is not. “What to do?”, But “how to make the least”

“How to keep the guitar the best?”
As mentioned above. “Because air changes frequently. Keep your guitar well. ” There are many ways to keep your guitar in a pocket, keep it in a box, hang it on the wall, lean against the lid, and leave it behind the room. The most is “Keep it up”. Anyone have a box in the box. Who has a bag? To keep the temperature and humidity of our guitar. Minor changes.

“Slack before the store. Does the neck really bend? ”
This way, I have heard that new players are saying, “Leaving the guitar neck does not have to take the load of the string all the time.” Hmm … there is a reason, but this way reserved for the guitar is not. What do you do? It’s because we are less string to pull the guitar neckless. The neck is slightly backward. (It may be less difficult to see the difference). We will play the same strap as we are. The guitar is bent back to the original. Let’s think that if we do this every day. Will our guitar neck be broken?

“End of the car of the guitar”
Many musicians, including myself, often do. Because of the car with the trunk. It’s so good I will keep it in the car is not there again. I need to tell it offline. That is forbidden at all. In the afternoon, the car was driven to 10 minutes by car. (Do not believe, try to take a car to sunbathe. Then into a car trunk lid closed for 10 minutes, 555) : “If we keep the guitar well. I will go to the back of the car. It is equivalent to what we do is wasted ” because the temperature is very high. Imagine it.

Let’s say that today, the reader was scheduled to practice with friends in the band at noon. “Right Take the guitar out and practice in the bedroom. Then near the time of appointment, it is packed with the guitar, love the stuffed car to drive out in the sun almost afternoon. The rehearsal room took the guitar out. I’m going to rehearse another air-cooled room. ” The guitar is very cool -> Hot -> Cool to do this, the life of the neck guitar is shorter. So if you do not really need to try “Do not put the guitar at the end of the car at lunch”

For the caregiver information, I will find out just this one. The other details are based on the guitar and the owner itself. For example, to use a guitar string or “Lemon Oil” according to the conditions of use.

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